Replacements and Upgrades

HVAC Replacement

When installing or replacing an HVAC system it is important to measure the home to ensure that the HVAC system is properly sized. These calculations done by our energy professionals ensure that a high efficiency system is put into place as part of a whole home energy upgrade. Ducting and distribution systems are also upgraded and replaced as necessary to ensure efficiency.

Water Heater Replacement

After completing a home energy audit, it is up to the homeowner to choose the water heating system that will be the most effective for the home. Choices include a high efficiency tank system or a tankless on demand system.

Window Replacement

After completing a home energy audit, homeowners may choose to replace old windows. Depending on the energy usage of the home, this choice has the potential to prevent leaks through the windows and can save on energy bills.

Solar Panel installation

If you are considering installing solar panels on your home, we suggest completing a home energy upgrade first. With a home energy upgrade you reduce the amount of energy used in the home, meaning that less solar panels are needed to bear the energy load of the home.

Reflective Roofing

Are you interested in upgrading and replacing your roofing? Homeowners may choose to use reflective roofing products, these roofs reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it, making it a cooler surface transferring less heat to the structure below, meaning you use less energy on air contitioning.

Sustainable Flooring

Interested in installing sustainable flooring? The best sustainable floors are made out of cork or bamboo and can help minimize cooling and heating costs in your home, we'll help you find the one that's right for you.