2016 PG&E Contractor Exchange

Check us out last week at the 2016 PG&E Contractors Exchange with the famous Donica Wilson!


On March 8th, we had the wonderful opportunity to attend 2016 PG&E Contractors Exchange in San Ramon. 


The first breakout session they attended was “Pathway to High Performance Results: Understanding the New California Metrics and how to Apply Them for Success,” with guest speaker Mike MacFarland from Energy Docs. Will and Cal were able to learn more about properly understanding the metric and how to apply them in their work place.


The second breakout session we attended was “Home Upgrade Program Updates: HPXML Software Best Practices and BPI/NGAT Changes,” with guest speakers Torsten Glidden with Build It Green and Andy Wahl with AC Home Performance Inc. This session Will and Cal were able to understand the programs impact and BPI standard changes. They were also educated on the updates and guidelines.


Later on that afternoon, PG&E presented to us an overview about program updates we should be aware about and goals and visions for 2016. 


We are so thankful for such a positive learning experience about the industry and how to improve. 


Thank you for sharing it

Good post, I am glad multinational companies like P&G are having exchange program, that allows people to learn about other cultures. Thank you for sharing it


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