Be As GREEN As Your Christmas Tree

6 GREEN Friendly Christmas Ideas

1. ecoWrap 

Use GREEN-wrapping paper such as newspaper and old ribbons for all your gifts. You can also get creative and use reusable tot bags or even bandanas.


2. Rent a Christmas Tree

Instead of chopping one down, rent one for the holiday season! After, you can return it and do it all over again next year!

Here is the website for a local vendor:


3. Get Rid of One-use Items

It gets pretty hectic around this time, but keep in mind how long disposable items sit in the landfill. Only buy reusable items.


4. Combine All Errands Into One Trip

It will be easier to just get everything out of the way in one trip anyways! Set a time and day to ensure you'll get everything done. 


5. Save All Holiday Decoration

It is more than likely that you will end up wanting to buy decorations every year. This time around, be GREEN by storing them away for the year. 


6. Use Eco-friendly Christmas Lights

Check out the box and look for the LED and ENERGY STAR logo. The certification will ensure you that the lights are energy effcient. 


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