Go GREEN on Halloween

By Veronica Sandoval Guerrero 

We could only imagine how much an average family spends each year on decorations for this spooky holiday.  With this demand comes a substantial carbon footprint. Help our environment be being more GREEN. Following some of these ideas this Halloween.



Reuse Costumes

Donate or reuse costumes. A great idea is to shop thrift stores when purchasing one. You could also ask a friend if they have any extras. Another idea is to DIY and make something out of the clothes you already have.



Recycle Pumpkins

Do not let those pumpkins go to waste! Know of any delicious pumpkin recipes? Now is a great time to try them out before Thanksgiving.  Also, keep the seeds. If you just dry them out and roast them, they can be a delicious snack.




Reuse Decorations

Keep all your decorations and reuse them next year. Go find the ones from last year and make it a tradition to use the same one every Halloween. You can also supply your home with organic and free trade goodies. 




GREEN Invites

If you are having people over, be sure to invite your entire guests via email or social media. This tactic will avoid extra unnecessary waste.







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