Five Eco-friendly Summer Tips


Summer is such a cheerful time to spend with the family. We encourage your family to step it up if you haven't done so, and go green. Here are some useful tips on how you and your family can be eco-friendly on these hot summer days. 


#1: Let it shine

Now that it doesn’t even get dark until late in the afternoon, it is time to leave those blinds open. Let's minimize turning on the lights until we need too and take advantage of the natural light! It is easy, and saves you money on your electric bill.

#2: Keep it local

You can start your own at home garden or support your local farmers by buying their local produce. Also keep an eye out for organic signs.  

#3:Walk or bike instead

You will help our precious air stay clean, but also get the daily exercise you need. It is a wonderful excuse to go outdoors with the benefit of getting to your destination. 

#4: Plant native species 

Although you may feel the need to plant only the most unique plants, it will be better on your wallet if you did some research on your local native plants. Native species of plants typically do better in hot summers because they do not need as much water as other plants do. They also do not need to be fertilized and are overall better for the environment. 


#5: Hang dry your clothes

This one is super easy, but might take a little more dedication in your busy schedule. If you have the extra time on a hot summer day, just leave your clothes outside to hang dry. 


We hope that these tips make you more conscious about going green this summer and encourage you try them all at least once. Now it is your turn, what summer tips do you have? 



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What a great one article is

What a great one article is share the best tips how to spend the summer season guideline. People are eating the fresh vegetable and fruits daily. People are usually time use to to check the summer season places in all over the world.

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