How To Keep Your Home Cool


Do you ever wonder why your energy bill goes up, yet your home is not keeping the cool air in? As the summer days get hotter, energy bills seem to burn your wallet. Here are some suggestions to keep it cool this summer. 


Do a home energy audit. These specialists can find what leaks in your home to make it more comfortable. Once you have committed to an assessment, the results will help you pick specific improvements that will improve sealing and insulation. 


Thermodynamics. Keep your windows open at night, then close them as soon as you wake up.  This way you keep all the cold air in, and all the hot air out for the rest of the day. 


Replace light bulbs. Depending on the type of light bulb, some give off more heat. Replacing that light alone might help your energy bill too! Check out this article for energy saving light bulbs. 


Keep off large appliances during the day.  These appliances tend to give a lot of heat off while at use. Leave these chores to do during the night. 


Close the curtains during the day. Curtains block out the sun throughout the hottest times and will prevent heat from sneaking in. 


Avoid cooking. Turning on the oven or stove will heat up your kitchen. Try eating cold foods such as salads or tuna. 


Replace your blinds. White blinds block the sunlight from going directly in. This will help the room stay cool while the sun hits it. 


Replace AC filter every month. If your AC filter is clogged in any way, this will reduce the effectiveness of how it is supposed to work. 



Hope we gave you some useful tips! Make sure to check out our other eco-friendly blogs here.




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