Infographic: How Does California Measure Up In Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been on the rise in the last decade as the country and the world have become more concerned with the safety of the planet. California has always been a leader in the US on many fronts, and energy efficiency is no different. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, California is ranked number two in the United States for energy efficiency, losing the number one spot to Massachussetts. With it's various utilities and transportation policies, building codes, and initiatives, California is making waves in energy efficiency.

How can you help make our state reach number one on this years' ranking of the most energy efficient states? Start small, but energy efficient appliances, change to energy efficient light bulbs, drive energy efficient cars, and most importantly take steps to make sure your home is energy effiecient by getting an energy effciency audit to evaluate your home and its potential to save energy and even money!

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Map of USA ranked by Energy Efficiency


California is a big city of

California is a big city of America and I always thought that how California measure up in energy efficiency and you can hid personal privacy with our service but this article does is just on that as its heading depicts the question so I like the post and hope others will like it too.

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