Green Ideas for a Memorable Fathers's Day

With fathers day just around the corner it's time to start thinking about what to give dear old dad. Instead of just giving him another tie or a new pair of socks, why not have a Fathers day he'll never forget. Here are some of our ideas to Go Green with dad this fathers day!

·      Have a picnic at the park! Instead of having dad on the BBQ, why not try your hand at the grill or make it a day for the real grill master to share his expertise! Grill up some steaks (or chicken if you prefer), a few potatoes and even some vegetables. Marinate the meat of your choice the night before to make it juicy and delicious. For the potatoes, just wrap them in foil and put them on the grill, when they are soft cut them open and add butter, sour cream, cheese, and your favorite baked potato toppings. The vegetables are easy too, just like the potatoes wrap them up in foil along with whichever seasonings you love the most and let them cook until they reach the desired softness. When you and dad are done eating, take advantage of the park around you, play catch or start a family game of flag football!

·      If your dad is more of the adventurous type, find a good hiking trail and enjoy the great outdoors together. Bring along some sandwiches and eat them when you’ve found the best vista point on the trail and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take the opportunity to show dad how much you love and appreciate him, ask him questions about his childhood, find out what his goals in life were, what he did for fun as a kid, and any other burning questions you may have. Don’t forget the water to stay hydrated, wouldn’t want to dehydrate dad on his day!

·      Is your dad a fitness junkie? Maybe plan a morning run or bike ride, take dad to the gym, give him a day full of all the things he loves most with the person or people he loves most! ·       

·      Are you a mom planning a day for your husband and your small children? Spend the day at the beach, on a lake, or playing on the playground at the park. Have the kids help you make dinner and let them tell him everything they did to make him his favorite meal. Let the kids know that the day is all about dad, they’ll spoil him with love and affection leaving the whole family feeling the excitement and love of all things dad!

No matter waht you decide to do, be sure to tell your dad "Thanks!" for being such a wonderful dad and show him you love and appreciate him for everything he does for you! Treat dad to his favorite activities, teach him something new or let him teach you something he loves, spend the day making dad feel like he's got the best kids on the block!


Written by: Shelby Whitzel

ecoProach Marketing Manager


Greenery is good for health

Greenery is good for health and we should do the work on it . However we can join the gardening to give the gift on the father day. So i think its good and memorable gifts for everyone.

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