Green Living: Memorial Day

A typical Memorial Day usually entails barbecues and parties. This year we challenge you to celebrate in a GREEN way! Not only is it easy but it will also save you money in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate Memorial Day in a GREEN way!

1. Use reusable cups, plates and silverware. By doing this you could save tons of money by opting out of buying disposable items. You would also give your party a more intimate feel.
If you don’t want to get stuck with dirty dishes after your party you can always use compostable products. These products are made out of corn! They would also then decompose faster than regular disposable products. You can order some online at or just go to your nearest supermarket and ask a sales representative if they carry compostable products.

2. Barbecue smarter! There are many grillers out there today that have jumped on the green movement like us! One of the most popular GREEN barbecues is the Big Green Egg. This ceramic griller can do more than just make your signature burger but it can also be used as an oven and even a smoker. Curious about one? Go visit their website and learn a bit more about their product.

3. Use green charcoal. This product replaces traditional wood-based charcoal which is a leading cause of deforestation. Green charcoal doesn’t require new cooking technologies or methods. You simply use it just like you would wood-based charcoal. It will still cook your steaks to perfection and help the Earth at the same time. There are many brands out there and can be easily found at supermarkets.

4. A great party requires tasty food! Visit your local farmers market to get the freshest ingredients! This way your dishes will taste amazing and will the talk of the party. Try one of our favorite organic recipes, blue cheese cabernet organic burgers. You can use organic beef or bison to make these delicious burgers. You can find this recipe on 

We hope you have great Green Memorial Day! If you have any other tips or comments let us know!

Sylvia Aranda
ecoProach Marketing Manager 


What a brilliant idea and I think it is not difficult

What a brilliant idea and I think it is not difficult or a rocket science to follow. We should be careful about our environment and avoid things that cause pollution.

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