Green Living: Easter

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Easter is a holiday most kids get excited for. The idea of having a bunny bring them goodies and treats and hiding them throughout the house is fascinating and exciting. Here are a few tips we found on how to go GREEN this Easter and have a happy, fun and healthy holiday for your family!

Tip #1 Reduce and reuse

Instead of going out and buying new baskets each year, save money and reuse last year’s baskets. These only get used once a year so there isn’t a need to buy new ones each year. Find creative alternatives to easter baskets, a homemade basket will not only save you money but it saves the planet by reducing the amount of waste materials.

Don’t use that colorful plastic grass to fill your baskets, this only goes to a landfill and because it’s not made from natural materials it won’t break down. We found one article that suggests using shredded paper from a paper shredder. If you don’t have a paper shredder ask a neighbor or family member if they have one. The paper can even be dyed to make it more colorful and fun (but remember, natural dyes are better)!

Avoid purchasing new plastic eggs each year, either buy the plastic eggs once and reuse them each year, or start making your own eggs like these felt eggs.

Tip #2 Use natural egg dyes

The typical egg dying kit uses toxic chemicals that can be harmful when inhaled, do you really want to expose yourself or your children to this? Instead, get creative. Make your own dyes using things you already have around the house, like vegetables. If you don’t want to spend the time making dye, go ahead and purchase some healthier dye alternatives like these.

Check out these creative egg dying ideas!

Tip #3 Be healthy this Easter

Sure, kids expect to find candy on easter, but there is nothing wrong with hiding healthier snacks this year. You don’t have to go all out and hide carrots (but that could be funny, since the Easter Bunny loves carrots) instead find healthier candies, maybe one that is naturally made and eco-friendly.

For Easter Dinner, plan a healthier meal, no junk food tonight!


A healthy lifestyle starts at home, so start teaching your children to be eco-conscious and health conscious now, and it will last a lifetime!


Have a wonderful GREEN Easter!

-Shelby Whitzel
ecoProach Marketing Manager


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