Going green in the cold winter months

Winter starts on December 21 this year,don’t forget to weatherize your home and prepare it for the cold winter months to come.

Here are a few tips we found on having a green home in these cold winter months:


1. Because ecoProach is all about the home energy assessments, I have to mention air leaks. It is important to know that your home is sealed up tight otherwise you could be heating the air in your home only to have it leaked outside your home. Who wants to waste money heating air for the snow outside? I know I don’t! To save money homeowners need to make sure that their home isn’t leaking. This includes more than just checking the doors and windows for leaks, but also the attic and air ducts as well as any crawl spaces the home may have. Each of these areas not only has the ability to leak your heated air out but also the cold air in.

2. Make sure you winterize your home. It is important to make sure that pipes and faucets outside are protected from the cold, freezing could cause expensive problems down the road. Insulate pipes and cover faucets (this one not only protects from freezing but rust as well), materials for this can be found at your local hardware store.

3. Heating your home: Space heaters are some of the biggest users of energy in the winter months. Avoid using these if possible, if not keep use to a minimum, it can make you electricity bill much lower. If you are using a central heating system, make sure your thermostat is up to date and working properly. A faulty thermostat can cost a bundle in extra heating costs and excessive energy use. Keep your home heated to a manageable temperature, if it is 30 degrees outside, 65 degrees inside will feel like 70 and costs less to maintain because the heater isn’t working as hard to keep those higher temperatures.

4. Use energy efficient light bulbs. With winter comes less hours of sunshine to naturally light your home meaning that you will be using your lights more often. Switching to better lightbulbs in your home can lower your energy bill and allow you to light your home for more time with less money. Fluorescent bulbs seem to be the most popular for saving money and energy.

Do you have more helpful hints and tips? Let us know in the comments below! We love having your input!


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