The ecoProach Approach

Get an energy assessment from the energy specialists at ecoProach. We will evaluate your home to show how much energy and money you could be saving each month on your heating, air conditioning and electric bills!

Once your assessment is complete our energy specialists will recommend various upgrades to your home, each recommendation comes with an estimate of how much money and energy individual upgrades will save you.

After receiving recommendations homeowners can choose the upgrades they feel are right for their home, their budget, and their family. All upgrades are to be completed by licensed contractors.

When upgrades are completed our energy specialists will do a final test on your home, the test-out, to ensure that all upgrades and changes to the home have made your home more efficient and will save you both energy and money. After the final test, ecoProach will send the information on your home's savings to Energy Upgrade California and you could get up to $6,500!